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EdGate Correlation Services is pleased to provide this aggregated news source featuring articles and information on digital content and e-learning.

As the leading provider of alignment services our staff of educational professionals has an avid interest in research-based initiatives in education. Digital Learning Today is one way to provide information of value to educators, publishers and anyone interested in the changes in education of our children. We will shortly expand this service to include blogs and interactive sessions about digital learning topics.


Hot Off the Press!

April 8,2012  Digital learning: Education goes mobile worldwide Students around the world, including India, are using cell phone technology to learn. DNA

April 7,2012 Learning Experiment Sparks Student Imagination Using Robots. Reboot Stories is pushing the boundaries of traditional learning by incorporating technology and multimedia into classrooms that otherwise would lack the resources to do so. Mashable Business

April 6,2012  Foundations award 7.2 million to PowerMyLearning.com. CFY a national education organization based in New York City, has announced grants totaling $7.2 million from the Bill & Melinda Gates, Eli and Edyth Broad and W.K. Kellogg foundations for a new initiative designed to help K-12 students, teachers, and parents locate and access high-quality online digital learning activities and boost student achievement in subjects such as math, English, science, and social studies.

April 5,2012 Growing Number of Schools Embrace Cell Phones. No longer afraid of giving kids access to the Internet, a growing number of school districts are developing digital media policies that emphasize responsibility over fear. KQED

March 30,2012 Getting Ready for Online Assessment Most states have started using some online assessments as part of their state testing program and they will finish the shift to fully online assessments in 2015. Blog from Tom Vander Ark. Huffington Post

March 10,2012 A move toward an all ipad classroom. Apple hopes its foray into digital textbooks for the iPad will impress educators and corner a huge, lucrative K-12 book market. But the high costs of the plan and the challenges of mobile technology could ensure that hardback books remain a classroom mainstay. The Republic

March 9,2012  Conservative Maine Group Pushes Digital Learning Initiative Digital learning is going to have a larger role in Maine Schools in the coming years based on Governor Paul LePage's signing an executive order to expand online learning opportunities. Maine Public Broadcasting Network

Mar 6,2012 Virginia Votes Today on Restrictive Law Virginia lawmakers are being asked today to consider legislation (SB 598) that severely restricts students' access to a high-quality education. This legislation prohibits students from enrolling in an approved virtual school that is offered by a school division other than their own.

Mar 6,2012 West Prairie ag classes learning with iPads In a move toward West Prairie School District’s plan to provide each student at the high school with their own digital device by as early as 2013, agriculture teacher Corinne Galvan’s students have been using iPad tablet computers since January. Three or four times per week, students use the iPads to enhance a classroom lesson, study for a quiz, or read a digital agriculture-related article for class. McDonoughVoice

Feb 14,2012 School district seeks shift to digital textbooks. Florida, Idaho, Utah and California, as well as individual schools and districts throughout the country, have already embraced digital learning environments. The process is not an easy one, and it doesn't come without cost. Oshkosh Northwestern

Feb 13,2012 Fox Valley schools face challenge of prepping for the e-future. Many school districts have adopted digital textbooks and are test-driving programs for use of electronics in the classroom.

Feb 10,2012 Education Commission of the States Releases Brief on Civic Engagement and Digital Citizenship.Schools could do more to engage digital natives in 21st century citizenship.

Feb 9,2012 New Interactive Textbooks for iPad, Other Digital Classroom Materials Premiering at Texas Conference for Education Leaders. Education leaders across the Lone Star State will get a sneak peek Monday at Pearson’s new digital learning materials at the Texas Computer Education Conference (TCEA).

Feb 8,2012 Digital Textbook Player is a guide to help K-12 educators and administrators begin building rich digital learning experiences for students in districts across the country.

Feb 7,2012 eLearning 2012 is the friendliest and most comprehensive annual distance learning conference you will find for eLearning practitioners. It is the one place where you will learn who is doing what, what technologies they are using, what works, and what doesn't.

Feb 6,2012 22 E-learning Tips & Ideas to Kick Off the Week - Each week the team shares freely their winning playbook of e-learning shortcuts, techniques and creativity to help you create better e-learning.

Feb 3,2012 Can The Obama Administration’s Five-Year Plan For Digital Learning Work? In an interview with Associated Press, Education Secretary Arne Duncan and FCC chairman Julius Genachowski state that the Obama administration has set a goal for getting digital textbooks in the hands of all students. That time frame is just five years. Gizmodo

Feb 2,2012 Education 2.0: Can Digital Learning Day begin a classroom revolution? Thirty-nine states, 15,000 teachers, and 1.7 million students are expected to participate in a series of events and webcasts on Wednesday, Digital Learning Day. Christian Science Monitor

Feb 1,2012 Obama Wants Schools to Accelerate Use of e-Textbooks. Obama's goal: an e-textbook in every student's hand by 2017. USA Today

Feb 1,2012 Chinese e-learning Growth Lags. Education Week
The Chinese government has set a goal of creating digital learning environments for all the country's students by 2020, but the growth of online learning in China has lagged behind that of the United States, experts say, in part because of concerns about the quality and reputation of such education.

Jan 26,2012: How App-cessories Benefit Children’s Learning Geek Dad
Read this article from a Dad's perspective of technology enhancing early childhood learning.

Jan 19, 2012:  Apple Announces Textbook integration. Daily Beast
Apple teams up with leading textbook makers to make the dream of digital learning into a reality. Finally.

Jan 17, 2012: Education Evolution or Revolution? CNBC
So, is it digital or print? Which one will prevail in the learning revolution and thrive in the era of “data smog?” The answer is “both.” Screen-based devices and the physical page need to continue to evolve. Together, they’ll power successful 21st century education.

Jan 6,2012 - Benefits of e-learning Public Service.C0.UK (United Kingdom)
We live in a technological society where the need for lifelong learning is an evident educational necessity. However, training can be difficult to conduct in a classroom environment, so the advent of electronic learning (e-learning) could provide a suitable alternative. Nowadays, the term 'e-learning' refers to a methodology for content and knowledge transmission using information communication technology (ICT) and combined with pedagogy. Moreover, it covers a wide range of applications and processes, such as web and computer-based learning, virtual classroom, digital collaboration, delivery of content via internet, intranet/extranet, audio and video recording, satellite transmissions, interactive TV, CD-ROM, etc.


Curating Children’s Content: Who Is Doing It, And Why? "Increasingly, I am less concerned with the issue of whether digital content is age appropriate (though that is important and there is more than enough focus on that). I am more concerned about how we establish whether content is of good quality for children and students. (Geek Dad)

iBook offers new learning possibilities (Ashton Smith, The Beacon) Excerpt: "However, if you don’t already own an iPad, the $499 retail price of the iPad 2 calls for some serious deliberation. In the short run, the difference in price between buying physical copies of the texts and purchasing an iPad with the interactive textbooks from iBooks causes one to think carefully before switching away from traditional books."

Learning with 'e's: Steve Wheeler Powerpoint and comments about the Learning Technologies conference on Jan 25-26 in London

Grants in the News

Dec 7,2011: (Washington, DC) The Consortium for School Networking today announced the 13 school districts that will participate in a collaborative effort to share experiences, challenges and best practices for innovative uses of new media in K-12 education.

In September, CoSN launched a nationwide search for districts that are at the forefront of social media, Web 2.0 and student-owned mobile device usage, as part of its Participatory Learning in Schools: Leadership and Policy initiative, an effort supported by the MacArthur Foundation. A total of 48 applications were received, and CoSN convened an independent panel to evaluate each district based on 10 key criteria. The 13 districts were selected both for being exemplary in meeting the criteria and for demonstrating a strong commitment to working with other districts. The goal of this effort is to develop effective thought leadership and policy related to the use of digital media.  Read More….

E-learning 'will be advanced by mobile technologies'
Virtual College
The advancement of e-learning will soon be in line with the development of smartphones and tablets, according to one expert. A representative from the Beyond Distance Research Alliance at the University of Leicester, suggested that mobile technologies ...


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Digital learning is going to have a larger role in Maine's schools in the coming years, In February, Gov. Paul LePage signed an executive order to expand online learning options. Today, the Maine Heritage Policy Center hosted a conference on digital learning. Presenters included online curriculum companies to representatives from online schools.

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