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April 6,2012 Philadelphia, PA Lessons from Teachers Navigating the Digital World Some good examples from Philadelphia schools using iPads and other technology in classrooms. Newsworks

April 5,2012 Raleigh, North Carolina Virtual charter schools need to be scrutinized before opening. A state advisory committee wants to see more information on the virtual charter school industry before the state starts funding any of the online schools.

April 2,2012 Time running out for Arizona Schools. Arizona students are at risk of having fewer digital learning options if lawmakers do not reconsider SB 1259, which provides more options for students to pursue digital learning outside of their school district’s boundaries. Sonoran Alliance

March 11,2012 Silverthorne Elementary, Colorado embraces the digital age iPads, iPods and MacBooks utilized in lessons around the school and in many different ways. Summit.com

Mar 6,2012 REDMOND, Wash. Teachers Are Using Kinect for Xbox 360 to Engage Students and Bring Learning to Life Interactive learning is key to motivating and engaging students in today's technologically advanced world. Given the digital nature of students' lives, including their avid interest in playing video games, more and more educator

Feb 14,2012 Yuma, AZ District 1 considers online schooling In an effort to curb future losses in enrollment caused by outside online learning programs, Yuma Elementary School District 1 ratified a submission of an application to become a state-approved online instruction provider. Yuma Sun

Feb 13,2012 Greenville, MI 450 Students Connected to Class 24 Hours a Day. The Greenville School District is giving students at the elementary, middle and high school levels Droid X2's and Samsung Galaxy Tabs as part of a new pilot program.  Greenville School District Technology Director LeeAnn Eyer says the goal is to provide educational access for students no matter where they are.

Feb 10,2012 Fort Leavenworth, KA MacArthur Elementary School. Fifth-graders in Andrea Coppinger’s flex math class at MacArthur Elementary School start their lesson with an ordinary pen-and-paper assignment, then use an iPad 2 to videotape themselves teaching other students how their conversions work.

Feb 9,2012 Center for Digital Education 2011-12 Digital School Districts Survey. The purpose of the survey is to showcase exemplary school boards and districts’ use of technology to govern the district, communicate with students, parents and the community and to improve district operations. Deadline to submit survey responses online is Tuesday, February 28, 2012.

Feb 8,2012 Los Angeles, CA Blended Learning Comes to Los Angeles Inner City Schools. Twenty-two inner city schools in Los Angeles are implementing new digital learning programs to support differentiated instruction among as many as 17,000 students.

Feb 7,2012 Madison, WI Wisconsin Schools Embrace BYOT on Digital Learning Day. Students across Wisconsin have been invited to bring their own digital devices to school as teachers experiment with different technologies in the classroom.

Feb 6,2012 - Manitowoc, WI McKinley Academy observance of Digital Learning Day. At McKinley, students worked their way through a number of challenges, developed by McKinley staff, requiring the use of digital tools.

Feb 3,2012 - Lansing MI Superintendent Must Embrace Cyber Charter Schools as Part of New State Digital Learning Initiative As state Superintendent of Public Instruction Mike Flanagan this week announced the state’s new partnership with Digital Learning Now, parents today reminded Flanagan, the state Board of Education and members of the House Education Committee that policymakers have the opportunity to fully embrace digital learning by passing Senate bill 619.

Feb 1,2012 - St. Paul,MN Digital Learning Day Webcast to Feature Henry Sibley Science Teacher On Wednesday, Henry Sibley High School science teacher Peter Bohacek will be featured in a national webcast as part of the Alliance for Excellent Education's Digital Learning Day. ABC News

Jan 28,2012 - Appleton, WI schools to Participate in Online Course Study The school has a chance to partner with researchers at Boise State University in Idaho to track the activity of students in their online coursework and determine the best behaviors to succeed in Internet-based classes.

Jan 28,2012 - Madison, WI: Madison Schools to Get 1400 iPads for Fall The School District for the first time plans to buy more than 600 iPads for use in the majority of schools this spring. Another 800 iPads are expected to be in classrooms by next fall, all paid for with money from a state settlement with Microsoft.

Jan 27,2012 - West Virginia Schools Set to Participate in Digital Learning Day Several schools in Southern W.Va. are set to participate in the first-ever Digital Learning Day, which gives them an opportunity to learn math, science, engineering and technology through an innovative program that includes designing their own educational video games.

Jan 26,2012 - The Partnership for Los Angeles Schools is pleased to announce its participation in the first-ever national Digital Learning Day on Feb. 1, 2012.
The media is invited to tour three classrooms at the Partnership's Dolores Huerta Elementary to view the many ways blended learning is helping teachers and students.

Jan 26,2012 -Digital Learning Day Approaches! Students and teachers from around the country should sign up for this fun online trivia game created by the Connections Academy.

Jan 26,2012 - South Africa:  iPads for Elite Schools TimesLive While many government schools are still struggling to source teaching support material, private schools are zooming ahead into the digital era. Managing

Jan. 19, 2012 -Idaho:  The Idaho State Board of Education has picked Blackboard to help establish a statewide platform for online learning across K-12 and higher education institutions, Blackboard Inc. announced today. Under the four-year deal Blackboard, a leading provider of education technology, will provide institutions with its latest solutions for teaching and learning, Web conferencing and mobile learning.

Jan 6,2012 - Benefits of e-learning Public Service.C0.UK (United Kingdom)
We live in a technological society where the need for lifelong learning is an evident educational necessity. However, training can be difficult to conduct in a classroom environment, so the advent of electronic learning (e-learning) could provide a suitable alternative. Nowadays, the term 'e-learning' refers to a methodology for content and knowledge transmission using information communication technology (ICT) and combined with pedagogy. Moreover, it covers a wide range of applications and processes, such as web and computer-based learning, virtual classroom, digital collaboration, delivery of content via internet, intranet/extranet, audio and video recording, satellite transmissions, interactive TV, CD-ROM, etc.

Jan 9,2012 - School Finance in the Digital Era
In the Fordham report: "School Finance in the Digital-Learning Era", Paul T. Hill zeroes in on the policy area most in need of reform if digital learning is to succeed: funding. You may download the complete report at this link.



California: Setting the Pace for Digital Initiatives
T.H.E. Journal
In addition to its comprehensive 1-to-1 MacBook initiative for grades 4 through 12 and learning partnerships with local and national universities, the Piedmont City School District in northeast Alabama has undertaken another ambitious digital ...

California: California Initiative Brings Breath of Fresh Air
It's an embarrassment that California, the state that led the technology revolution in America, is, according to Digital Learning Now, last in the nation in using technology to transform its education system from its current factory-model roots into a ...

California: Jan. 19, 2012 -San Fransisco: Tackling the Barriers of Digital Instruction One school is using an innovative approach to teaching using several electronic devices...called "flipping the classroom".


Michigan: Jan 12,2012 - Sutton Bay SD, MI Small School District is Big on Innovation
With digital learning, Suttons Bay is personalizing the learning experience for each student and in the process providing a wide variety of choices for all. Watch the video featuring Superintendent Michael Murray.

Pennsylvania: High school students try their skills as medical pros
Using videoconferencing technology, juniors and seniors of William Tenant High School in Upper Southhampton, Pennsylvania
study anatomy through simulation and get the chance to play medical detectives for a day. Through CyberSurgeons, a simulation program that uses the Web and videoconferencing technology, students connected with an educator at Wheeling Jesuit University in West Virginia.

Pennsylvania: Jan 12,2012 -St Clair (PA) The Saint Clair Area School District is thinking about going digital in the classroom.
republicanherald.com During the regular meeting of the school board Wednesday, Haygood Poundstone, regional vice president of digital solutions for Capstone Publishers, spoke about the company's online reading environment called myON reader.

Kansas: Taken from the "Why Not Kansas?" Education Summit, this excellent presentation from Matthew Wicks, a national leader from iNACOL (International Association for K-12 Online Learning) : Expanding Education's Reach Through Online Learning. Powerpoint Download Size: 5 MB. " Technology is revolutionizing every aspect of modern life and K-12 education is no different. Matthew Wicks, a national leader from iNACOL, helps outline what tomorrow's 'classroom' might look like."

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